Welcome Assassins CITY ASSAULT a three week water-drenching assassination game
Each of us has watched James Bond or Le Femme Nikita and wished it was us that were playing those roles. Well, now is your time to grab life by the horns and be an assassin or group of assassins within’ your city.

City Assault brings adventure and excitement to Sacramento by featuring a 3 week session where you take on the role of a water gun-toting assassin. Stalking your target until the time is right, and then going in for the kill, or “soak” in C.A. terms. 


 To start, each player is given a dossier with your targets info, including pictures, addresses, and both real and Agent name. 

 Once you receive this your mission begins!  Your job is to seek out and assassinate your target… (By way of water gun, water balloons, or any other water firing contraption you devise). 

 We encourage you to be creative in locating and taking your target out; get into character and become something else to surprise attack your target.

 Once you kill your target you will collect their dossier, and the target they were supposed to assassinate becomes yours.  This cycle repeats until you collect your own envelope with your information on it.  Then you win cash…do you have what it takes???

Or email us at: info@cityassault.com for questions pertaining to future events.mailto:info@cityassault.com?subject=I%20want%20inshapeimage_6_link_0
watch your back 
February 23rd 2008
last day for signups is February 18th @ Midnight
Sign ups coming soon!! Join Us
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